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Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Or maybe you want nutritional guidance that keeps you fueled with sustained energy? 

Want to heal your relationship with food and your body, so that you can eat freely without any anxiety? Or maybe you want a private yoga instructor who can help you feel at home in your body.  

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Client praise

“Before working with Mary I was struggling to do everything possible to lose weight. I was constantly dieting and was so frustrated by my lack of results, I felt like I was going to be stuck in this pattern forever. Mary helped me to sort out my food sensitivities, digestion issues, and balance a hormonal imbalance that I didn’t even know I had! She taught me how to incorporate vegetables and other nutrient dense foods into my diet that my body was missing and what helped me develop a new way of eating that fuels my body best. I lost the excess weight and have so much more energy now”

“I’ve had a really bad relationship with food ever since I was a teenager. I was food labeling, restricting, and overly working out to compensate for “being bad” with food. It was all I ever thought about and it was exhausting. Mary changed all of that for me. Now, I feel amazing and I no longer think of food as the enemy. Her “reprogramming” method changed my life and allowed me to see where I was stuck in my life that led to this in the first place! I am happy to say that I’m now an intuitive eater and feeling great in my skin.”

“I had bad digestion issues that made meal times hard for me. I was always tired!!! As I’m writing this I can’t believe I’m regular and have abundant energy. I even look forward to eating my vegetable centric meals- who knew! Thanks Mary!”


Mary is an optimization coach and yoga instructor under the brand Ritual and Routine where she investigates the intersection of the holistic and scientific to provide knowledge and actionable steps behind health and wellness principles and trends. As an Optimization coach, Mary’s unique and effective approach has helped to empower countless women in their health by helping them to unblock limiting beliefs holding them back from achieving sustainable health. She works not only with the clients internally facing world by helping her clients to establish an optimized nutritional foundation, but also helps her clients to shape the lens through which they view themselves (their worth, their relationships, their career) in the context of the world external to themselves. The marriage of optimizing these internal and external pieces is how she has been able to create lasting and sustainable change for women across the US. Mary uses yoga in her optimization coaching practice to help heal the physical body and the emotional body.  Prior to working as a coach, Mary worked in both neuroscience research, at the University of South Carolina, and cancer research, at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and considers the science of psychology and biochemistry to be the backbone of her practice. Mary is face mask connoisseur, and a shameless lover of fitness classes, bio hacks, and gluten free banana bread.