Suffering is a lack of connection-

When we we feel destabilized or unconnected we seek to distract ourselves from the feeling or will seek to fill the void we feel.

We have an entitlement to joy-

If we are not in flow, (life is happening FOR US instead of TOO US), something is WRONG with our processing system

Our brain is designed to make us survive

Not feel happiness, so we to CHOOSE HAPPINESS by creating the mechanisms in our daily lives that reinforce alignment and well being.  


We have to uproot our subconscious patterns that are holding us back and consciously create an algorithim that will bring us joy and clear out the bullsh*t everyday.  

You are not broken, you just have a program that is running you right now- it’s YOU- its the program. WE have to deinstall the processing system and install a new system that promotes alignment with your CORE beliefs and values

What permission are you waiting for to be the person that you were meant to be?

When does spilled milk go from being funny to a melt down? We use meditation to create a level of nonreactivity. Meditation is our buffer that allows us to “UP” the threshold of reactivity for little stresses like spilled milk or someone cutting us off in traffic.  

We have to establish or re-establish connection and tell someone to stop feeling trapped or to stop holding onto what/who we are and what we are dealing with. Once we are able to drop the pattern, we can establish connection with ourselves and those around us.