“I could write a novel here, but I will keep it short (as possible). Mary is fantastic. I came to her with a variety of health and mental goals I wanted to work through, and she took the time to dive into each and every one individually and find the root of each issue. She gave me a myriad of tools for digestion, intuitive eating, food combining and meditations that have truly made me feel better than ever. After losing part of a kidney to cancer and then my gallbladder, I had accepted to live life in chronic discomfort and pain. But, with Mary's help, I was able to drastically minimize my chronic pain, increase my energy and finally gain some of the healthy weight back that I needed to after being sick for a year. I am feeling better than ever and she has made me feel like a healthy queen. HIGHLY recommend working with her!” - Maggie

“Before working with Mary I was struggling to do everything possible to lose weight. I was constantly dieting and was so frustrated by my lack of results, I felt like I was going to be stuck in this pattern forever. Mary helped me to sort out my food sensitivities, digestion issues, and balance a hormonal imbalance that I didn’t even know I had! She taught me how to incorporate vegetables and other nutrient dense foods into my diet that my body was missing and what helped me develop a new way of eating that fuels my body best. I lost the excess weight and have so much more energy now” - Lauren

“I’ve had a really bad relationship with food ever since I was a teenager. I was food labeling, restricting, and overly working out to compensate for “being bad” with food. It was all I ever thought about and it was exhausting. Mary changed all of that for me. Now, I feel amazing and I no longer think of food as the enemy. Her “reprogramming” method changed my life and allowed me to see where I was stuck in my life that led to this in the first place! I am happy to say that I’m now an intuitive eater and feeling great in my skin.” -J

“I had bad digestion issues that made meal times hard for me. I was always tired!!! As I’m writing this I can’t believe I’m regular and have abundant energy. I even look forward to eating my vegetable centric meals- who knew! Thanks Mary!” -Kennedy