Serums, the make or break

Serums- the underrated power player of the skincare world. These bottles of potent skincare magic can transform your skin right before your eyes (some almost overnight), and when implemented into a routine can deliver to you the skin of your dreams. So. much. power. in just a few drops. I've tried, tested, tossed, and hoarded.  Here are my top five.


1. Skin Ceuticals C E Ferulic -

If you choose to buy one serum today, let it be this one. When I started to get fine lines on my forehead, this serum saved me from a catastrophic meltdown (okay, dramatic) restoring my skin to its formally smooth and taut glory, almost overnight! 

FOR: fine lines, acne, uneven skin texture, discoloration- put on at night after cleansing, before moisturizer


3. Dior One Essential intense skin detoxifying booster

Living in New York, between the toxic atmosphere that we call "air" and the toxins that I inevitably ingest, we could all use a little detox. Dior's One Essential does just that for your skin. It's light non greasy formula allows it to be suitable for day use. It will bring that youthful "bounce" back, clear away those imperfections, AND it makes your face unbelievably soft.

FOR: dull, sensitive, uneven pigmentation/texture, acne clearing, one and done.


2. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

 You know those days where your skin is so dry- where you feel like you could slap on a whole bottle of moisturizer and it still doesn't do shit? This baby will banish your fine lines and dehydration, so you'll wake up with a smooth hydrated complexion. 

FOR: dry/tired skin, fine lines, dull complexion- put on at night after cleansing, before moisturizer


4. Ole Henrikson truth serum collagen serum booster

This bad boy is choc full of Vitamin C and boy does it pack a punch! After just a week of using this, the pesky pigmentation from when I went a little too wild extracting (shut up, we all do it) was a worry of yesteryear! This guy delivers a brightened more even toned complexion in just a few days, and the citrus scent certainly doesn't hurt either.

FOR: dull, uneven pigmentation, fine lines- apply after cleansing and follow with moisturizer.


Honorable mentions: 

1) Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel

This serum was my day one. Dry flaky skin is no match for this lightweight formula. I'm serious, its like dry skin glue, it's a miracle worker. And if you're not on the hyaluronic acid train by now... seriously, where the fuck have you been? better hop on board.

2) Glossier Super Glow

I JUST got this, like, a week ago- but so far the proof is in the puddin'. With this vitamin C and magnesium serum I'm waking up with a glow. I'll touch back with a thorough review at a later date.






NARS Skin Optimal Brightening Concentate

This is the newest staple to my medicine cabinet (shout out to the roomie for the introduction) and with luminous skin being a la mode, your highlighter can take a back seat to this power player. I press the light pearlescent formula into my skin before my makeup to give me that dewey (not oily) "It" girl glow that I didn't believe  possible! 

FOR: Dull, uneven toned skin- apply before moisturizer