Masks, the most underrated player in tha' game

Masks- the unsung hero of the skincare world. Slapping some "glorified lotion" on for 10-15 minutes couldn't possibly produce a visible change right? Dead. fucking. wrong. my friends, these small pots are what elevate you from having good skin to the skin of your dreams . That's right you, YES YOU, are merely minutes away from touting around with a glowing complexion.. Each glorious pot of what one could only presume to be unicorn tears boasts the ability to hydrate, plump, smooth, clear, or brighten, so pick your poison. I've tried, tested, tossed, and hoarded.  Here are my top five.


1. Glossier Moisturizing moon mask

Glossier, the cult IT girl brand that was created by the Skin Gurus of Into the Gloss really nailed it with this moisturizing mask. I use it to hydrate and restore my skin after a long week, or if my skin is especially irritated- say after a facial or a day in the sun. Follow this after the Glossiers Mega Green Galaxy pack mask, and you'll come out with smooth supple detoxified skin. 

FOR: fine lines, hydration, calming, sensitive skin. Smooth on cleansed face for 20 minutes and rinse.


3. Origins Drink up intensive

I treat this overnight mask like insurance- insurance that I can throw this on like a thick moisturizer and wake up with the product absorbed by my skin and the bouncy radiance to prove it. I use this every 2 days, as amour against those winter skin woes, or a salve for the chapped post beach summer skin. I found that it also has helped me to calm any skin irritations I have as well.

FOR: sensitive, dry, irritated, fine lines. Smooth on overnight and observe the magic happen.


2. Fresh Rose Face Mask hydrates and tones

Rose has been a mainstay in the skin care realm from day one, proving itself through it's many forms (I'm talking to you rose water spray) it's ability to soothe and hydrate while boosting radiance. This mask is no exception. Whether it be after prodding my skin (can we not with the judgement folks?), a dry day, discloration woes, or just 'cause I want to pamper myself, this gets the job done.

FOR: dry, irritation, redness, sensitive skin. Smooth on cleansed face for 5-10 minutes and rinse.


4. Glam Glow Thirsty mud

I use this religiously almost every friday. I come home from work, wash off the day and slap on this nectar of the gods while I sit around with my roommate eating pita chips and knocking back our first glass of pinot grigio (#basic) to kick off the weekend. 20 minutes later, I rinse this off to reveal a dewey, supple, and taut complexion, that has me feeling fierce. you can even feel it tingle as little mask fairies zing your fine lines away! (in my brain)

FOR: fine lines, instant lift, dull/tired skin, hydration. smooth on for at least 20 minutes and rinse.


Honorable mention: 

1) Glam Glow Super Mud Clearing treatment

Okay so I put the thirst mud glam glow mask in my top 5 because, of the line, it's the most relevant in my life right now. BUT GUYS, Glam glow can do NO WRONG. If I was told that I would be stranded on an island and I could only pick one line of masks ('cause you know, priorities) to use for my "stay" with no hesitation I would choose Glam Glow. Okay, so now that I am done gushing, this Super Mud Clearing is the shit. Smother on a big dollop of this mud onto your face to reveal a complexion visibly less irritated, and your breakouts are sure to shrink considerably by the next day.







5. Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur mask

Sulfur, its no wonder you see it in all types of acne related products, it acts to reduce the gunk in your poors and combat excess oil. Breakouts don't stand a chance against this versatile power player. And given that it is a sulfur product, and sulfur smells rotten eggs (HA! you think I'm kidding..), this one doesn't smell half bad! Smooth this on to save you from your breakout woes, and you're skin will be fresh (or noticeably less irittateed) in no time!

FOR: Dull, uneven toned skin- apply before moisturizer