Most of the time, our physical and metaphysical state are intertwined. So I integrate a more conscious perspective around how we work with the body when bringing it back to baseline because I know that it’s not always physical, it can be our emotions manifesting in a vulnerability in the body so that we can address it.  This is an important point that we will dive into more in the digestion piece of this module (because that’s where I see it show up the most) but this: If we do not address our emotional issues, and we continue to push them down, or put them in a dusty old cardboard box in the back of our brain, the emotion- if not dealt with, can ultimately take on a new form manifest in the physical body so that it can’t be ignored. So that we HAVE TO address it. That’s why for some of the diagnostic parts of this, I tell you to dig a little deeper in your psyche to see if it’s not purely physical- most of the time- sometimes it’s not.