Hair products, tame the beast

The Italian genes came in strong, bringing me a thick head of long hair that hasn't seen the tops of my shoulders since 2001. (Long hair is very on brand for the women in my family). Blessing and curse. Luckily, I've got more than enough help with the allstar line up below to coax these unruly tresses to 

living proof.jpg

1. It's a 10 Miracle leave-in product

I've had a leave in conditioner since my L'oreal kids detangler spray days. After my freshman year roommate swore by this product, I bought my first bottle. Talk about a sucessful conversion, after 2 weeks of using this, my hair was silky smooth, shiny, without a greasy weight-bearing formula, I was a believer. My medicine cabinent sees some turnover in certain departments, but this, this is a mainstay. It's the first on my product roster, I spray it all over my towel dried hair first, before following with my other products

FOR: any hair type, all in one detangler, moisturizin 


3. Living proof-prime style extender

Yet another result of being a slave to the sephora sample aisle (marketing team needs a raise). Living proof I've found to be an all around dependable line when it comes to hair care. I work a dollop of the style extender into my towel dried hair to give my hairstyle the anti-frizz, smooth staying power it needs. I'm convinced the reason my hair holds a wave/curl so well is because of this product.

FOR: hairstyle insurance, antifrizz, smoothing, weather proofing, style extending.


2. Bumble and Bumble-pret-a-powder

I'm going to get a lot of eye rolls from this, but I DETEST dry shampoo. Which is silly because I blow dry my hair an average of 6 x week, If we do the math: ~ 11 min per dry x 6/week x 52 weeks= that's 3,432 mins, 57.2 HOURS A YEAR Y'ALL. And I claim I'm not high maintenance, HA! Anyway, I use pret a powder on my clean 'do to give my hair some oomph, and then throw some on to transform last night's "bardot" into this morning's brunch style.

FOR: dry shampoo, volume, undone texture/style


4. OUAI wave spray

I love a good texturizer that adds movement and texture to my hair while allowing flexbility with no crunch. I decided to try OUAI (pronounced "way") wave spray on a whim, and it quickly found a permanent spot in my medicine cabinent. You can spray this in straight hair to give it that 

FOR: dull, uneven pigmentation, fine lines- apply after cleansing and follow with moisturizer.


Honorable mentions: 

1) Moroccan Oil Smoothing Lotion

This serum was my day one. Dry flaky skin is no match for this lightweight formula. I'm serious, its like dry skin glue, it's a miracle worker. And if you're not on the hyaluronic acid train by now... seriously, where the fuck have you been? better hop on board.

2) Glossier Super Glow

I JUST got this, like, a week ago- but so far the proof is in the puddin'. With this vitamin C and magnesium serum I'm waking up with a glow. I'll touch back with a thorough review at a later date.






5. Oribe Royal Blowout

This is the newest addition to my medicine cabinet (shout out to the roomie for the introduction) and with luminous skin being a la mode, your highlighter can take a back seat to this power player. I press the light pearlescent formula into my skin before my makeup to give me that dewey (not oily) "It" girl glow I didn't believe was possible! 

FOR: Dull, uneven toned skin- apply before moisturizer