”Not only did Mary help me with getting back to baseline she made me realize the limiting beliefs I have that have held me back in my life. I had an eating disorder years ago and still felt it control me and Mary helped me realize it is part of perfectionism that I always return to when I am uncomfortable. Not only showing me how to accept who I am here and now, she also helped me work through my grief journey of losing my father in October. Mary is not only wise in all matters health but also matters that are deep to the heart and makes you feel comfortable opening up about things you never really thought you had to. Mary provided me the ability to really reflect over our time together and take actionable steps of how to let myself feel joy and take back my power. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is feeling that something is blocking them from their best self, she made me step out of my comfort zone and truly do things that are best for my personal life and health. I looked forward to every session with Mary because she really has the best listening ear and has valuable and credible advice. Since my time working with Mary I have felt how much more free I am both body and mind, and I will never be able to thank her enough for this. She truly will show you what it means to step into your power and be vulnerable with yourself & others in the best way possible. I am so grateful for the lessons I have learned, and feel so much more strengthened in my mind, body, and spirit.” - Tess G.

“I could write a novel here, but I will keep it short (as possible). Mary is fantastic. I came to her with a variety of health and mental goals I wanted to work through, and she took the time to dive into each and every one individually and find the root of each issue. She gave me a myriad of tools for digestion, intuitive eating, food combining and meditations that have truly made me feel better than ever. After losing part of a kidney to cancer and then my gallbladder, I had accepted to live life in chronic discomfort and pain. But, with Mary's help, I was able to drastically minimize my chronic pain, increase my energy and finally gain some of the healthy weight back that I needed to after being sick for a year. I am feeling better than ever and she has made me feel like a healthy queen. HIGHLY recommend working with her!” - Maggie

“Before working with Mary I was struggling to do everything possible to lose weight. I was constantly dieting and was so frustrated by my lack of results, I felt like I was going to be stuck in this pattern forever. Mary helped me to sort out my food sensitivities, digestion issues, and balance a hormonal imbalance that I didn’t even know I had! She taught me how to incorporate vegetables and other nutrient dense foods into my diet that my body was missing and what helped me develop a new way of eating that fuels my body best. I lost the excess weight and have so much more energy now” -Lauren

 “I had bad digestion issues that made meal times hard for me. I was always tired!!! As I’m writing this I can’t believe I’m regular and have abundant energy. I even look forward to eating my vegetable centric meals- who knew! Thanks Mary!” - Kennedy

“Before I started working with Mary, I had read many of the trendy diet and lifestyle books out there and was so confused about why none of them were working for me. This constant stress of not knowing if I was on the right path, led me to find someone who could give me some guidance - and I chose Mary. When I started working with Mary I had weight loss as my number one goal and some other items also listed (being more intuitive about and less structured about eating, etc). However, as our sessions continued I developed this amazing connection with my emotions, my mind and my physical body - so that I was able to listen to what I wanted, needed, and live my life according to these principles. I have lost some weight, but more importantly i have lost that stress and anxiety about food and exercise and I have gained a relationship with my body that I hope I can continue to grow and nurture. I am so happy with the lifestyle changes that Mary helped me make. It's really a worthwhile investment into your health (physical, emotional, mental) to work with a professional who can guide YOUR unique body and mind to achieve your goals. I cannot recommend Mary, she is amazing and I am grateful to have worked with her and to continue working with her. And, this review is not sponsored, she is really that good.” Emma C



“What Mary was able to do for me has been nothing short of transformative! Her strategic approach was thoughtful and always scientifically informed. She took the time to get to know me and not just my digestive/gut issues/eating habits. Her holistic approach was exactly what I needed to pinpoint what my food sensitivities were, but we also found that I truly had anxiety around mealtime that inevitably lead to more digestive distress - a vicious cycle that we were able to break together. Once we got into the weeds of my issues, we were able to quickly pinpoint the kinds of foods that caused my problems and eliminate them from my diet. After that, we spent most of our sessions fine tuning solutions to my individual issues and discussing additional ways I could go forward after our time working together on a healthier, more balanced diet. Mary listened to my concerns when I had them and was nothing but supportive throughout the whole process. She even took the time to act as a general life coach when, right around our third session, I had a major work crisis that really threw me. Her advice was spot on and helped more than I think I properly expressed at the time. I've already recommended her to multiple friends and I will continue to do so! It's the least I can do for the woman who has made me feel not only healthy, but empowered and excited about food again!” - Sarah H

“I’ve had a really bad relationship with food ever since I was a teenager. I was food labeling, restricting, and overly working out to compensate for “being bad” with food. It was all I ever thought about and it was exhausting. Mary changed all of that for me. Now, I feel amazing and I no longer think of food as the enemy. Her “reprogramming” method changed my life and allowed me to see where I was stuck in my life that led to this in the first place! I am happy to say that I’m now an intuitive eater and feeling great in my skin.” - G. Delancy


“I don’t even know where to start. Before optimization coaching I was constantly frustrated with the flow of my life . I felt like things were always harder for me then they were for other people. Mary helped me to see how I was holding myself back on a subconscious level. After working with this- I now feel like I am living to fulfillment.”- J

“Mary really worked her magic on me. I have been transformed from the inside out. Though I wanted so badly to be healed, I can admit that I had my fair share of doubts. But following Mary's program completely changed me. Where before I was floating between the utmost highs and the lowest lows, I am now contently resting in the gray zone. The defensiveness that I had developed to protect me has been washed away. My insecurities do not interfere with my life. I am self-confident. Most importantly, I have the tools to conquer the trials that are to inevitably come.” Alex B