Celery Juice. HYPE? Or Bust?


You guys know I like my green juice. Okay fine, LOVE my green juice. So when I saw all this hype on the ‘gram around celery juice magically healing digestion, inflammation woes, and leaving a perfect complexion to boot, I kind of got … protective? Like hell no is green juice on the “out”, and celery juice is on the “in”. I know, champagne problems, but it’s a ritual for me- it’s an important part of my morning algorithm. Point is, I wanted green juice to reign king with all of its amazing health benefits. I wanted to be right.

...Until being wrong gave me the best skin I’ve had in months!!!! WOWEEE

So now I’m team celery.

Ahhh, who knew I was such a cheap date. (Don’t answer that).

Before I dive into my experience let’s get into the facts and proposed benefits, shall we?

First off, I’m talking about straight celery juice (no other fruits and veggies), on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.

Celery Juice facts:

  • Rich in Vitamin A, Iron, and Magnesium

  • High mineral content

  • Natural diuretic, buh bye bloat!  

  • Regularity

  • Contains coumarins that strengthen white blood cell activity and support the immune system. (see study).



Celery Juice proposed benefits:  

  • Skin of your DREAMS (even complexion, reduced fine lines, reduced blemishes)

  • Supports healing of chronic illness

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antiseptic properties that kill pathogens invading the body

  • Restores nervous system

  • Removes old toxins from liver and stagnant toxins in digestive system  

  • Helps to aid digestion of other foods throughout the day   

  • Promotes methylation and proper utilization of nutrients  

  • Balances pH of the body

The Stress-Digestion link

When we’re stressed out and tired, the body diverts our energy away from the digestive system so that we can remain on high alert. That way, we’re more “fight or flight” than “rest and digest.” Stress can f*ck up our digestive system and reduce our stomach acid levels so that we’re not fully digesting (yuck). It doesn’t stop there. Because we have less acid to digest our food, we become MORE tired because our body is using extra energy to finish the job. This sends other systems in our body into a tizzy, like our liver, which has a harder time detoxifying the body amongst it’s other chores. So add that to the list of evils stress creates, I guess.

Flat Tummy by celery juice

Celery juice speeds up digestion by telling the liver to create more bile, which in turn aids in stomach acid production. This then breaks down any old undigested protein and fat that’s been hanging out in our digestive track (sexy, I know). Our body then detoxes this debris along with any pathogens (bacteria, even virsuses!!) that are lingering in our system. When drinking celery juice at the beginning of the day, it stimulates your digestive fire. That way, we are anchored to digest whatever comes our way for the rest of the day!

A strong digestive fire- less bloat- slim torso!

My experience  

I have now juiced organic celery for 8 days, every morning on an empty stomach, and I don’t see myself stopping for the foreseeable future. Writing this- I now have sudden anxiety of a celery shortage.  ANYWHO, at day 4, I could tell a difference. That’s not good science. IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK THAT FAST. But it did.

The biggest difference? My skin.

My skin was virtually blemish free and I had like, Hailey Baldwin skin. Honestly, I’m bad with celeb culture references, but her face popped into my head when I was thinking of a comparison. So we’re going to roll with it.  

For YEARS I had two red patches on either side of my cheeks toward my jaw line where the capillaries were somewhat visible, but it wasn’t rosacea. I tried resolve it, but after years of trying multiple products nothing worked, so I just grew to accept it. Well, NOW IT’S GONE. Don’t believe me? Check out this video.  

Other than that, I have felt an abundance of energy and my digestion has been on point. I have noticed a stronger digestive fire, and celery juice has certainly helped to dissipate any bloating. The first day or two of drinking pure celery juice on an empty stomach is a very detoxifying experience because it helps the body to dispel any stagnant material in the digestive system. Catch my drift? Be close to a bathroom…

So is celery juice the magical healer we never knew we needed? I think so, but the scientist in me would love to see more data/results. I will say one thing, if you have digestive issues and/or skin issues- this could be your golden ticket.

How to make:

  1. Juice it : Organic celery, chop off ends, rinse with water, juice in juicer (I like my breville juice fountain), drink!

  2. Blend it: Organic celery, chop off ends, rinse with water, blend in blender until completely smooth, squeeze juice from pulp with a cheesecloth, drink!

Do you all drink celery juice? What’s your experience? LMK in the comments!