Grab more chips than crudite this MDW? How to bounce back.

Hi babes,

I hope you all had a FABULOUS MDW! I went down and visited one of my best friends who just moved to Baltimore. We had a great time exploring her new neighborhood and playing in the sun- TG because I needed some color in the worst of ways. OH- and if you live in Baltimore, check out this place Plantbar. It’s an awesome juice/smoothie spot that has vegan/gluten free prepared meals, healthy snacks, and crystals. One of my friends joked that it was like my wet dream. She’s not wrong....Okay, I’m done being crass.

ANYWAYS long weekends away are always a good time. But all of the festivities can leave me feeling lethargic, dehydrated and a little out of whack (and a lot bit swollen). Here are a couple things that I do to bring myself back into balance.

Plantbar- I got the daily greens juice and added celery juice!

Plantbar- I got the daily greens juice and added celery juice!



DUH. We should always be drinking at least two liters of water a day to stay hydrated. After long weekends “celebrating” with adult beverages in the sun, we become extra dehydrated. It’s okay, I too have looked back on a long weekend and realized that I had only drank two liters of water…the whole weekend.  The good news is, we can only move forward from here! For the next week, make it a point to drink at least a liter of water before noon. A LITER? Yep- a liter. Our bodies need ample amounts of fluid to rev our metabolism and dissolve and dissipate any extra salt or sugar that is making us swollen. The more water we drink, the more toxins are washed away. Include an electrolyte (like ultima below) or mineral (like sakara detox water below) solution to help your cells draw in the water that you drink.

Green juice/ Celery juice

This weekend I grabbed more chips and less crudite. Anyone else? But that's OKAY. I don’t beat myself up for eating outside of my normal diet, because that does nothing but damage my ego. Instead, I acknowledge that I had a great time and show myself some compassion. I suggest you do the same : ) .That being said, it’s time to replenish those micronutrients so that we can get our bodies in working order and feel GREAT again. I drink green juice every morning on an empty stomach (with no fruit, you know the drill) to get a massive dose of micronutrients. Alternatively you can drink celery juice that is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse.

Celery juice benefits:

  • Boosts digestion
  • reduces bloating
  •  purifies the blood
  • resolves skin issues.

*runs to the juicery*


Feeling the Tuesday scaries? Cool, same. It’s common to have some residual anxiety after a long weekend full of fun times but lacking sleep. Magnesium is AWESOME for helping to relax our mind and the tension in our bodies. Not to mention, it’s needed for a boat load of enzymatic processes in the body. I like magnesium glycinate from pure encapsulations. Take it when you get home from work to unwind and sleep easy.

Sweat your Ass off

I don’t care how or where, but it’s no secret that sweating is one of the best ways to detoxify. It helps to reduce excess water that we retain from indulging in alcohol, sugar, and/or salt. By increasing our heart rate whether it be via Soulcycle or infrared sauna, we increase the amount of times toxic crap is filtered out of our blood! So book a bike or hit the steam room.

Eat all of the vegetables

Instead of focusing on foods to cut out to feel better, I focus on foods that I can ADD IN to feel my best. Framing it in this way emphasizes nourishment instead of deprivation. Add lots of hydrating foods like cucumber and avocado to get your digestive system going and boost your metabolic fire.

Face mask

Because who doesn’t love a good face mask? Treat yo’ self.

What tricks help you bounce back? LMK in the comments.