Adaptogens: Your key to focus, immunity, energy, and stress reduction | Guide


I'm sure you all have lots of fun plans. Hopefully it'll start acting like summer again instead of this 60 degree bullsh*t so we can all play outside.

Anywho- I wanted to talk to you all about adaptogens . Adaptogens have been instrumental in helping me increase focus and energy without coffee, combat adrenal fatigue, and balance my hormones! Recently so many products in the wellness space are labeled as "adaptogenic"- which is BOMB. But what does "adaptogenic" mean? Not to mention, there are SO MANY adaptogens, it's hard to know which one to use for what reason.  SO I got my hands dirty and created the ULTIMATE GUIDE to adaptogens. Use the adaptogen chart below to help you achieve balance, or to sound really smart in front of your wellness junkie friends.

What is an adaptogen? 

Adaptogens are non toxic and healing agents that help our bodies to achieve balance. Adaptogen's help our body to adapt to our environment and decrease stress. Adaptogens can be stimulating or calming and can aid immune function, blood sugar balance, focus, energy, mood stabilization, you NAME IT. 

How to take adaptogens 

Available in a multitude of products. You can generally find them in capsule form or powder form. Powder form you can throw in smoothies, raw treats, or make a tonic! 


There are many different adaptogens. In the chart below, I included common adaptogens that I use(d) in my routine.


What are you favorite adaptogens? How do you like to use them?