Want to maintain a consistent workout schedule? Read this!


I get this question a lot-

"how do I stay motivated to workout when I have a full time job?" 

FIRST: IT all comes down to WHY you want to workout. Like everything, it’s not enough to just want to do something. We need to have purpose behind the “why” to create the drive.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life so workouts have always been apart of my schedule. But the main reason I workout is to clear my body and mind. Personally, I operate at the top of my game after a good sweat that purifies my body and burns off any anxiety or emotional tension that I may be holding. By working out, I create a strong foundation in my balanced body. This allows me to be focused and open to opportunity and connection. I can’t focus outward if I feel out of whack inward, ya know what I mean? Once you have your “why” nailed down, creating the time and space for working out becomes easier.

There is no perfect answer to this question, but I DO have some tips that have set me up for success when it comes to maintaining a consistent workout schedule. Let's dive in!



Do a workout that you LIKE.

I know this seems like an easy one- but it’s important. If you’ve tried barre a couple times and dread going- then try something else! There was a hot minute where I kept trying to make a popular HIIT program work, but I DREADED IT. Once I realized I wasn’t getting a good workout because I didn’t enjoy it, I ditched it. Just because so and so likes it, doesn’t mean we have to!  Be open to trying new workouts and see what sticks. We are so lucky that there are legit HUNDREDS of different studios and workouts that are offered. If we like the workout, we’ll be more inclined to do it!

Which leads me to…




If you go to boxing 5 times a week, after 3 weeks you’re going to want to burn your gloves. We need to crosstrain! Our bodies are smart machines that will adjust overtime to what we throw at it. Just like how we get bored with monotonous workouts- our bodies will become more efficient when we repeat a certain workout. By adding in different types of training, you reduce the risk of overtraining or hitting a plateau. I regularly rotate between HIIT with weights, boxing, soulcycle, barre, and yoga throughout my week. I never get bored and I feel like this rotation creates a well rounded level of fitness that feels right for my body.



Workout in the morning.

I know this one is a doozy BUT working out in the morning has been key for me to ensure that I workout. If I leave my workout for after work, a couple of things can happen: 1) I have the whole day to talk myself out of it 2) social plans 3) I run out of time. By planning my workout for the morning, I eliminate all of those variables. I know that If I don’t get up and go work out, I only have me to blame.  



Schedule your workouts and workout classes ahead of time.

If we’ve already paid for a workout class that we can not cancel- we will be more inclined to go. Simple as that.



Schedule gym time or plan to attend a class with a friend.

This adds an accountability factor. Not only that, but a social element as well. Working out with friends is more fun than solo amiright?



Listen to your body and remember to rest.

Sometimes a workout is barry’s bootcamp, but sometimes it's a long walk. As long as we’re getting our blood pumping, our bodies will thank us! If doing a hard workout is going to do us more harm than good (like if we’re already feeling burnt out), honor that and go easy! By that same token, remember to take rest days. Our bodies need time to restore and recover so that we don’t get burned out or injured.



These are just a couple tips that have helped me to maintain a consistent workout schedule. What are your tips and tricks? SHARE IN THE COMMENTS!!



mary spirito