"Who am I?"- A toolbox to guide the conversation

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Obviously digging deep to find your purpose is a lot more than a series of tests. BUT, I found that having some objective measures to help guide my internal dialogue when I was going through the thick of it was EXTREMELY helpful. I broke down all of the tests that I have taken below.


pymetrics example.png

my experience

Games developed by psychologists and neuroscientists that measure cognitive traits. Stuff like processing speed and ability to filter out distractions. The results  shows us how we compare statistically to other Pymetrics users sampled. Pymetrics is also a job recruitment tool. BUT you can still take the tests if you don't want to use the recruitment tool (I didn't use it). I really liked the objective nature of this testing. Because you play games instead of answering questions, you can't manipulate the answers to create the result (whether you mean to or not).  

(pictured) some of my results so you can get an idea of what it looks like.


It's free!!

Play the games and find out what your cognitive traits are here

Johnson O' Connor Aptitude Testing 

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Johnson O'Connor testing is a 6 hour test broken up into 2 sections that determine what our aptitudes are. Aptitudes are our natural abilities that we are born with that remain relatively unchanged throughout our lifetime. The tests are designed to measure these aptitudes objectively, so we are unable to impart any bias.  The tests are all different in nature: everything from distinguishing pitch and tone- to dexterity, and even our ability to create new ideas. The test is a time commitment and is rather expensive.... but I found this aptitude test to be SUPER insightful. Knowing what your natural aptitudes are so that you can lean into them is the ultimate leg up!


$720- steep, I know- but the wealth of knowledge that I gained was worth it in my opinion. 

Learn more about Johnson O'Connor here

Behavioral Analysis 

my experience

So I first heard Steven Sisler in an interview on The Art of Charm podcast (listen to it here) and was fascinated by his idea that individuals were a mixture of 4 different personality categories: mad, sad, glad, and scared. The different combinations of these components come together to create our personality. I was perusing his website and saw that his group offered a 10 minute free consultation. Next thing I knew I had scheduled my consultation and was able to speak with him personally. We went past the 10 minute mark and he was able to impart a lot insight into that short amount of time. I decided to commit and do the entire assessment. Through a series of preliminary test in conjunction with our conversation he created a 50 PAGE summary of my personality. He dissected everything from my concealed personality- to the personality that I have adapted to thrive in my environment. Things I learned: best work environments, emotional needs, what my personality is motivated by, how stress manifests for my personality, and SO MUCH MORE.  


$249- expensive but SO WORTH IT 

Learn more about Behavioral Resource Group here.


23 and Me genetic testing  


For those of you who watch my insta-stories, I touched on this test last week. 23 and M e is a genetic test that analyzes our genetic blueprint to give us information like: ancestry, carrier traits, and wellness traits. What I liked the most about this test was that I learned things about myself that I wouldn't be able to determine for certain by any other means. Like my muscle composition as determined by my genetics predisposes me to be more of an endurance runner than a sprinter! And how saturated fat consumption effects my weight and that I don't flush caffeine or alcohol well. And get this- my sister did 23 and me and found out she's straight up IMMUNE to the NOROVIRUS (stomach virus). Like, WHAT? 


$199 (but there having a special for $159 right now!)

Learn more about 23 and me here




Myers Briggs is your traditional personality test. I'm sure many of you have taken it at one time or another. Through a series of questions the test determines different components of your personality. The combination of these components creates your personality type. There are many different companies that provide the Myers Briggs personality test for free- but my favorite is 16 Personalities because of comprehensive overview that they give for each personality. My personality is ENFJ. Which stands for Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, and Turbulent. Oh and I learned that I'm 100% extroverted.... WTF. Casual.



Take the test here!

I hope that you find these tests as insightful as I did. Have you taken any of these tests? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments!!!!