Rev Your Metabolism: Food Combining 101

Hi Babes,


In my key tips and tricks for a flat stomach post I mentioned food combining as a means of optimizing our digestive system to ward off bloating. Food combining has been INSTRUMENTAL in helping me avoid digestive woes and maintain a flat stomach. I feel like when my digestive system is out of whack it throws off my mojo. So this method of eating along with my digestive enzymes has got my digestive system on lock. When our digestion is optimized WE are optimized, amiright? This video is an overview of food combining. You can find the chart and in depth explanation below it!

This is not any sort of “fad” diet because it’s inclusive of all foods. It’s a method of eating according to the biochemical properties of macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates). TRANSLATION: eating in a way that our bodies can digest each macronutrient to the best of it’s ability.  


two facets of food combining


The macronutrients require different amounts of time to be digested. Fruits: 1 hour, veggies: 2 hours, starchy carbs: 3 hours, fats: 3 hours, and proteins: 4+ hours. Say I have a chicken salad for lunch at 1:00pm, but then around 3:00pm I start to feel kind of hungry and hit juice generation for a smoothie with fruit in it. An hour later, my stomach starts to hurt. The chicken from my lunch was only half-way digested when I had my smoothie. Fruit digests FAST.  So my smoothie was completely digested an hour later, but unable to move through my digestive system because of the protein from my lunch blocking it. You can see how this is a problem... This is why it’s best to eat fruits at the beginning of the day.


Proteins need an acidic environment in order to be digested, which opposes the alkaline environment that carbohydrates need to be digested. So when we eat proteins and carbs together, our body isn’t able to provide the optimal environment for either one to be digested. Instead our digestive system creates this environment in the middle that’s not optimal for either one!

A couple rules of thumb

  • Wait 3-4 hours between meals before switching categories
  • If you get hungry eat non-starchy veggies  
  • Even though I said that fat and protein don’t digest well together I find that avocado and olive oil are able to digest fine with my protein. Play around and find what works best for your body!
  • Melon digests WICKED fast so eat it by itself.

I strive to eat lightest to heaviest throughout the day. So eating fruit in the morning, starches and veggies for lunch, and heavier meals with protein for dinner. As well, If I know that I will be eating a meal where I’m combining foods, I eat from lightest to heaviest. What that could look like is eating vegetables and starches before a main course with meat.

I don’t ALWAYS follow food combining. Because let’s be real, some of the best sh*t out there is the combination of carbs and protein (like pasta and quinoa bowls HELLOOOOooo)-a girl’s gotta live. But that’s the point, it’s all about balance and finding what works best for your body. I find that just being conscious of this information has helped my digestive system immensely.    I hope it will for you too!!! 



Have you tried food combining? What has been your experience? There are different methods of food combining, How do you do it?