Struggling with allergies or a cold? Read this!

When I first started this blog, one of my girlfriends told me about her experience with the salt cave. She had a cold, and paid a visit to the salt cave. The next day she didn’t even need so much as a tissue.  Now THOSE are results that I can get behind.

A couple weeks back when I still couldn’t shake this gnarly cold, my same friend circled back with her suggestion- “try the salt cave!” And that I did. I visited Floating Lotus in Midtown in order to sit in the salt cave for 30 minutes and absorb the ionized Himalayan sea salt for my therapeutic benefit.

What IT IS

A Himalayan salt cave is a room that is walled with bricks of Himalayan sea salt. The one I visited had a chair with controls to change the recline. As well as an infrared lamp hanging by the ceiling to ionize the salt so that it diffused into the air. Translation: it makes the salt breathable. The negative salt ions are said to impact everything from our immunity to our mood.

Okay, but...why salt?

Salt is involved in SO many processes in our bodies. Many of said processes aid homeostasis (keeping our bodies at the baseline it likes to operate) which includes fluid control and maintaining pH. Not only that but salt is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, so breathing in salt improves nasal passages and lung function. Salt has a plethora of therapeutic benefit. It’s why we swish with salt water and why a dip in the ocean can seemingly cure any breakout.


  • Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
  • Allergies/colds/lung and nasal improvement
  • Air purification
  • Detoxification
  • Improved circulation
  • Great for easing auto-immune symptoms
  • Skin improvement: eczema, acne, etc.

My experience

A couple weeks back I was at the tail end of a bad chest cold and had had a hard time shaking the cough that I was experiencing. I booked my appointment at the salt cave as a hail mary. When I walked into Floating Lotus, I could immediately feel the “zen” nature saturating the space. The staff was welcoming and informative. They explained the wealth of benefit the salt cave had to offer and answered my questions. A towel was provided for my comfort, in case I decided to change out of my clothes for the session. I laid on the chair provided and relaxed under the warmth of the infrared light for 30 minutes. Immediately after, I felt zen from laying in solitude with warmth but there were no explicit noticeable effects… until the next day.

The next day

Although my cough was not completely gone (we’re looking for progress, not miracles), it had DRASTICALLY improved. My chest congestion had significantly cleared up and I no longer felt prisoner to the raspy voice that had been plaguing me. I’m actually pretty shocked with how well it worked. Although I love therapies of this nature, the scientist in me tends to be very skeptical of objective benefits  Low and behold, my cold completely cleared up within days.


If you’re having a hard time shaking a cold or struggling with a bout of seasonal allergies, the salt cave could be for you. As far as noticeable effects on my skin, I did not witness any. Then again, I don’t have any skin issues I’ve been dealing with recently so maybe I’m not the one to tell.  $65 a session is pretty steep, but if you are desperate to improve symptoms, I definitely consider this worth the money. As for Floating Lotus itself- I will definitely returning soon to try their other treatments!

Have you ever been to a salt cave? What was your experience?



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