What I'm Lovin' | May


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Giving up caffeine is one thing, giving up coffee (decaf as well) is a completely different beast. I’m trying to give up coffee all together because in the past, decaf coffee has been the gateway drug to the real caffeinated thing. I was having the hardest time separating from that earthy grounding taste of coffee. UNTIL I CAME ACROSS DANDY. Dandy is a gluten free caffeine free coffee substitute. It’s made of dandelion (that’s it) and get this, IT TASTES LIKE COFFEE. Thank you Dandy for letting me have my cake and eat it too. Get it here


Sahara Rose


I know recently I have been talking about Ayurveda until I am blue in the face. BUT that’s only because ayurveda is an easy and intuitive way to understand and care for our health. In the past I didn’t venture into learning about ayurveda because I got hung up on the sanskrit words or the seemingly “old” nature of the literature. Sahara Rose has changed all that. Sahara frames ayurveda for the modern time so that it’s easy to understand and easy to implement into our lives. She’s gorgeous, spunky, and full of life. Her book Idiot’s guide to Ayurveda breaks it all down. Get it below.

Ayurveda (Idiot's Guides)
By Sahara Rose Ketabi



I have favorite moisturizers and favorite face masks, but eye creams and eye masks are in constant rotation for me. Under eye circles be damned, I have been searching endlessly for a product that will reduce their appearance and moisturize my undereyes. Well my friends, I found the holy grail. Laneige sleeping eye mask has found its place on my skincare favorites list. Seriously- I wake up astonished every morning by how well it works. Before I go to sleep, I use the massage tool (that it comes with) to apply the eye mask to my eyes and wake up with bright hydrated under eyes, and NO DARK CIRCLES. HALLELUJAH! Get it here

Cafe Clover


So I know that a lot of you all are familiar with this place by now- but Cafe clover has been my go-to healthy eats spot ever since I moved to the city. I hadn’t been back for a couple months and had forgotten how FREAKIN’ GOOD it is. I love that this place has a sophisticated yet casual ambiance and OUTDOOR SEATING! Cafe clover offers farm fresh contemporary dishes along with healthy spins on classics- like a good ol’ hamburger. Not only that, but most of the menu is gluten free and dairy free- which is not always easy to come by! Try their chickpea flour hush puppies, they’re heaven.  See the menu : 10 Downing St, New York, NY 10014


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If you follow my Instagram stories you know that I’ve been twice to get my aura photo taken. Our aura is the field of energy that each of us has surrounding us. That electromagnetic field can be translated to wavelengths of color that can be captured in a photo. This creates an aura photo. Our auras are dependent on our emotional and physical states and can change throughout time! The colors in our aura correspond to chakras, or energy centers, in our body. In my aura photo that I most recently took (see above) I was told that my heart chakra was open: meaning that I was sharing my passion and connected to those around me. (THAT’S YOU GUYS!) Also, that I’ve been overthinking things and need time to rest. Yep- sounds about right... She told me that If I could get out of my head, a new opportunity awaits- so stay tuned! Get your Aura photo taken at Magic Jewelry : 238 Canal St #108, New York, NY 10013


tibetan mama bowl

tibetan mama bowl


Apple cider vinegar- full of health benefits! Including but not limited to: blood sugar regulation, gut support, digestion support, antibacterial/antifungal, and it’s GREAT for skin woes. But, unless mixed into a salad vinaigrette- It tastes like sh*t. LUCKILY, Tonik has solved this problem by creating apple cider vinegar capsules. Gone are the days of sour faces and crinkled noses after a tablespoon of ACV to the face. Buy it below

Hope you love these people, places, and products as much as I do! If you are familiar with any of my favorites for this month, I would love to hear what you think in the comments below!