What I'm Lovin' | March


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Cannabidiol is a powerful adaptogen (an adaptogen is a substance that helps you adapt to stressful situations) that I take for anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety, and anti-inflammatory support. A dropper of CBD oil daily has really helped me manage stress; not to mention, drastically reduced my potential for facial inflammation. And that’s just some of it’s benefits! You want to get your oil from a trusted brand that extracts their CBD oil from a clean source of hemp. I recommend CW hemp. Find it here


Manifestation | Lacy Phillips


I came across Lacy Phillips totally by chance. I had been wanting to attend an event at CAP beauty, and “The Manifestation Method with Lacy Phillips” event caught my eye. In the description I read “Lacy will be answering your burning questions and shining a light on her methodical system for attracting and creating.” I didn’t know Lacy or anything about her method, but I DID know that If there was a system for attracting and creating- I wanted to know about it. At first glance Lacy’s manifestation method may appear a little out there, which she admits to, but it is all rooted in psychology. Lacy’s goal is to help remove the blocks that keep us from aligning with our authentic self and purpose. She offers an array of programs on her website, Free and Native,  to help guide you through the manifestation process in different areas of your life. 



West~bourne is committed to neighborhood hospitality: cooking for ~ and giving back to ~ our community. A nostalgic nod to the irreverent spirit of 1960s Los Angeles, let's come together to eat well and do even better.”

Westbourne is a new vegetarian joint located on Sullivan street between Prince and W Houston where I am quickly becoming a regular. They offer DELICIOUS clean gf and dairy-free friendly meals in a casual yet intimate setting. I love the “Over the Rainbow” bowl that has lentil falafel, vegetables and a jalapeno tahini that is so good, I could bathe in it… I like their unique community seating style, and it’s a nice nod to their honorable mission. Pro tip: Get the “Over the Rainbow” for dinner, and the “Center your Chia” pudding to-go for breakfast the next day. Thank me later. 

Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate

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We all know how important it is to drink water. I found that I was drinking TONS of water, but still feeling parched. Sakara beauty water concentrate has changed that for me. With just 6 full droppers in my water, I can really tell the difference in my hydration. Your body needs minerals and electrolytes to properly absorb the water you drink. Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate made with rose water, silica, AND 72 trace minerals and is a very portable way to ensure proper hydration. Added bonus: the rose scent and glass dropper bottle makes me feel all sorts of bougie.

Mike and Dave's 


“At Mike & Dave's, we make smoothies with structure: frozen non-dairy soft serve with healthy mix-ins that help your crush your cravings without crashing your diet”

Last time I went to Mike and Dave’s, the gentleman at the counter remembered my order. Safe to say- it’s quickly becoming my go-to spot to satisfy my sweet tooth. The nutritious nice cream base is made from minimal ingredients like bananas, berries, and peanut butter and is mixed with nutritious gf and dairy-free friendly mix-ins. Mike and Dave's transforms this mixture into a sweet treat with a custard-like texture you didn't know possible! I get the “Sweet Dreams”- but sub banana for the yogurt and add carob chips. Okay okay, AND sometimes i get the “Cinnawich” to-go to keep in my freezer- ya know, for a rainy day or something. Located on Macdougal street across from the Comedy cellar.

Le Sweat Ab Challenge | Charlee Atkins


If you aren’t following Charlee Atkins on Instagram- you should start now. With her morning weather reports and the inside look into her life Le Sweat-ing, she is sure to make you laugh. Not only is she an amazing Soul Cycle Instructor (she gives GREAT instruction on alignment), but she has her own brand, Le Sweat, that has been changing the muscle rehabilitation game with her signature class, Le Stretch. What I am REALLY lovin’ is her 4 week Le Sweat AB challenge, that is free on her site. It’s a 4-week challenge of 4 different sets of 7-minute ab series to be completed daily. Each video is 7 exercises, each to be done for 1-minute. Her videos are effective, to the point, and easy for anyone to do at home. 

Hope you love these people, places, and products as much as I do!