Starting 5 | my go-to hair styling products


Rosarco Milk leave in conditioning spray | Briogeo

My medicine cabinet sees some turnover in certain departments, but this is a mainstay. Made of a blend of nourishing rosehip, coconut, and argan oil, this spray not only protects against heat, but UV rays as well. This keeps my hair silky and smooth without a greasy weight-bearing formula. This ultra light leave-in spray is first on my product roster. I spray this all over my towel dried hair first, before following with other products.

FOR: all hair types, de-tangling , repairing, moisturizing, heat and UV protection.

straight blow dry | Bumble and Bumble

This product is proof that being a slave to the Sephora sample aisle has paid off. I work a dollop of this formula into my towel dried hair (after the Briogeo) to give my style the smooth anti-frizz staying power it needs. This product does a wonderful job at keeping my flyaways at bay AND serves as an extra layer of heat protectant (I’m fond of thermal tools, so I need all the help I can get). I'm convinced the reason my hair holds a wave/curl so well is because of this product, even though it's marketed for a straight blow dry.

FOR: medium/thick hair, anti-frizz, smoothing, weather proofing, style extending.

Instant texture mist | Living Proof

I love a good texturizer that adds movement to my hair while allowing flexibility with no product buildup. I've found Living Proof to be a well rounded dependable line when it comes to hair care.  After falling in love with their PHD products, I tried the instant texture mist on a whim. It quickly found a permanent spot in my lineup. I spray this on my straight hair to give it movement or into waves to give it that beachy undone look.

FOR: all hair types, texture, volume, undone texture/style.  

Note: I also love Oribe’s dry texturizing spray, when I want something a little lighter to give me more body than texture.  

Superfine hairspray | Oribe

Per the name, this ultra sheer hairspray provides medium brush-able hold without the crunch. With some hairsprays, you have to sacrifice hold for shine- but not this one! I use this lightweight non-dulling formula to keep waves in place and to add a little bit of volume to my roots. This hairspray smells so good that I’ve actually gotten complimented on how nice it smells (is that weird? IDK).

FOR: all hair types, ultra sheer spray, medium/light brushable hold.

Perk up Dry Shampoo | Amika

I'm not a big dry shampoo person. Which is silly because I have thick long hair. I've been told that I wash my hair way too much, which means I blow my hair way too much. I would hate to know how many hours a year I spend blow drying... ANYWAYS- I like Amika's perkup dry shampoo to add volume to my roots and refresh my hair style if I'm wearing it day into the night. 

FOR: all hair types, dry shampoo, volume, refresh. 

**all products mentioned above are safe for color treated hair

stay tuned for part 2: tips, nutrition, and supplements for hair growth and nourishment. 

Do you use any of these products? What are your favorite hair products for maintaining your hair? I'd love to hear in the comments below!