Hype or bust | Jade rolling


So for the past month I have been using a jade roller every morning post-cleanse and pre-makeup. Jade rolling isn’t one of those immediately intuitive tools: when I first saw it... Idk... in the depths of the internet somewhere (like most things) my first thought was:

what the hell is that?

But, I LOVE a good beauty tool. Especially if said tool comes with a promise of decreasing inflammation through aiding lymphatic drainage. Translation: reduced puffiness in my face. After observing a lot of pro-jade rolling propaganda. I decided to give it a go.

-Picks up jade roller-

*tap tap tap*

Is this thing on ?

A jade roller is generally made up of two small cylindrical-ish pieces of jade attached to either side of a jade handle that resemble miniature rolling pins. One cylindar is smaller for the delicate contours of the face, the other cylindar is larger to cover large surface area such as the cheeks. Why jade? Besides looking pretty and full of woo woo power: jade is a stone that is naturally cool to the touch and has been used in Chinese medicine since ancient times.

Having no clue how to use this thing, I consulted the wise jade rollers of youtube-and watched a how-to video.



The idea is to use moderate pressure to roll the jade roller from the middle plane of your face outwards in effect to increase circulation, usher out stagnant puffiness, and tighten the skin of the face.   


Okay so what I will say is that I did notice that it helped with increasing blood flow of the face. I mean my face was RED post jade roll. Also worth noting that until now as I am sitting here writing this am I wondering whether I rolled too hard? REGARDLESS, I would say that I observed the same effects from the jade roller as I would if I were to massage my face.

Did I observe any visible change or transformation from my two weeks of rolling? No. It made me feel more awake, for sure, but I did not witness any tightening or change in the tone of my skin.

But! was it a nice facial massage that helped move stagnant inflammation? Yes. 


Jade rollers aren’t that expensive, I purchased mine from herbivore for $25.00, so if you feel like you would benefit from regular facial massage (couldn’t hurt, right?) then this could be the tool for you. For me, I’ll be going back to my trusty ice roller (thanks for the tip , Lauryn Evarts!). The ice roller makes me look like I had a full night's sleep (because that never happens) and 3 years younger after just 2 minutes of rolling time.

For now, my jade roller is living in my purse, standing at attention in the side pocket to be used in long uber rides when I need a “pick me up”.  

What do you think of jade rolling, is there any secret sauce I’m missing here?

Let me know !



Buy the jade roller I use here 

OH, and here's the how to jade roll video  

AND- the ice roller here

mary spirito