Dance all night in those heels without pain, with this secret tip

Hi babes,

We made it to the weekend! So because it's Friday night, I'm going to keep this short in sweet. BUT RELEVANT.

For all of you who bop around in heels all night, your feet don’t have to suffer for the sake of fashion!

I love my CBD. AS IF it wasn’t already treating me right by calming my inflammation and anxiety, it has truly outdone itself by saving me the anguish of sore feet. Lord Jones makes a pure CBD pain and wellness body lotion that when applied topically to the soles of the feet or WHEREVER (think: sore muscles, neck/back pain, joint pain?) helps to relieve pain and inflammation. Put this lotion on your feet before putting on heels you can stunt on 'em all night without pain, thanks to CBD. One pump (1 ml) of the lotion provides 2mg of CBD magic.

How to apply:

lord jones CBD.jpg

After I get out of the shower, I take 1 pump of the lotion and rub it on the bottom and sides of each foot. Really try and rub it in as much as you can so you know the product is penetrating your skin. I usually do this after I’ve put on my face lotion, leave-in hair stuff etc. but before my makeup so that I have time for it to soak in. That way you’re feet aren’t sliding around in your heels all night- that ain't cute.

Buy it

Online: here

I can’t seem to find an official retail location list from Lord Jones NYC, so if know where to find it, puhhleaseee let me know so I can include it for you all.

I get mine at the health nuts store (on 63rd and 2nd ave) in the upper east side.  One of the employees there who saw me checking out the CBD display was actually the one who taught me this trick!

After researching to write this blog post I found out that Mandy Moore uses this trick for her jaunts down the red carpet. Stars, they’re just like us!   

Don't let those sky high heels daunt you and hit the town! Because foot pain can’t stop you anymore.

Try it, and let me know if it works for you too! Have any of you guys tried CBD lotion before?