Wait, I have to activate turmeric?

Why I haven't taken an Anti-inflammatory (Like advil, ibuprofen) in 2 years!!!

Getting your hands on turmeric is now as easy as going to your local juicery, or cafe. It’s proving to be a very versatile spice. Leave it to us millennials to make turmeric a novelty: golden mylk latte’s and golden turmeric sprinkled popcorn? WHICH, btw, have you ever gotten turmeric on your hands? It stains like a b*tch.  Turmeric is a POWERFUL anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant that aids in healing everything from skin conditions, to digestive system issues.

Add it into your diet, your immune system will thank you.

I started using turmeric as a homeopathic way to deal with inflammation and boost my immunity (I had inflammatory woes like WOAH). At the beginning I was adding it into my cooking, and taking turmeric capsules. Once I discovered that my local juicery would juice turmeric for me, that became my primary mode of consumption.  Within two weeks, I noticed a drastic difference in my skin and the way I felt. I didn't have any facial inflammation! Blemishes and uneven skin tone that were a product of my body reacting to hormone imbalance and food sensitivity were no longer! I had more energy, and noticed that I was not experiencing headaches, or any symptoms that would otherwise have me reaching for the Advil bottle. To this day, I drink fresh juiced turmeric at LEAST two-three times a week as anti-inflammatory support. 




You have to activate it.

"The F*ck does that mean? "

In order for our bodies to actively absorb turmeric we have to activate it. If not, it could bypass our tissues and be filtered out our bodies. Trust me, when I first started with juiced turmeric I thought I was some anti-inflammatory goddess. To then find out that I was not absorbing turmeric to it's full potential!



How do you activate it?

Golden rule

(I’m not funny)

Turmeric + Fat + Black Pepper = ACTIVATED TURMERIC

Curcumin| The strong anti-inflammatory substance IN turmeric that packs the punch. Fat soluble. Curcumin is why turmeric is so powerful.

The goal| It needs to make it from your mouth to your small intestine in order to be absorbed into the blood stream to level up on anti-inflammatory powers.

The dilemma|  Unfortunately, curcumin by itself is usually filtered out before it can reach our small intestine, which won’t do us much good.

The strategy|  FORTUNATELY, all you have to do is add black pepper and a fat source in order to actively absorb turmeric. Piperine in black pepper is like curcumin’s body guard. It slows absorption of curcumin so that the stomach lining and liver don’t try steal it away. If black pepper is the body guard, fat is the escalade moving the curcumin safely to your small intestine to be absorbed. Curcumin is fat soluble. 

As long as you have a source of  healthy fat and black pepper in conjunction with turmeric, you are good to go. note: It HAS to be black pepper.  Cayenne and other peppers don’t have piperine. 

What that looks like:  

  • Golden mylk latte
  • Juiced turmeric shot sprinkled with black pepper
  • Chicken curry (made with coconut yogurt) 
  • Avocado toast sprinkled with pepper and turmeric. 

Sure, sprinkling black pepper over a tumeric shot takes some getting used to. It doesn’t taste great- but it’s not supposed to- it’s a supplement! You haven’t seen raised eyebrows like when someone happens to be in the office kitchen when I sprinkle pepper in a turmeric shot and toss it back. But when you don't need advil anymore because of that same shot....who's laughing now?

How do you all use turmeric? Any tips or tricks? Let me know in the comments!