CBD, the versatile substance you could be missing.

Hi babes, 

First off- thank you all for the "get well" wishes! My immune system heard you and I'm on the mend!

So last week I put up two posts where I spoke to how I use CBD in differing capacities to support different facets of my physiology.  On Friday I shared my trick for using CBD lotion on your feet to banish foot pain in heels, and on Sunday, how I use CBD to manage my anxiety. When I spill about how much I use CBD, I get a lot of raised eyebrows. So what is it, really? Let's break it down.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid that is extracted from hemp that acts on our body's endocannabinoid (ECS) system. The ECS is a regulatory system involved in a variety of physiological processes including appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. The ECS is comprised of receptors that communicate with our body’s systems (immune, gut, skin) to maintain homeostasis.  


The ECS tells our brain when we feel off base, like if we're in pain or anxious etc., depending on the signals picked up by receptors in the affected part of our body (like in your muscles, gut lining, heart, etc). The ECS then aids in signalling for the appropriate changes to bring us back to baseline.

CBD works on the ECS to modulate pain, memory, appetite, AND the immune and inflammatory system. 

CBD is also an adaptogen, so it’s a molecule that helps US ADAPT to stressful situations.


  • Reduces Pain and Inflammation

  • Anti-Anxiety

  • Antioxidant

  • Fights nausea

  • Antipsychotic and Anticonvulsant  


Okay, but CBD is extracted from hemp. And Hemp and Marijuana are very similar, right?...so...

Yes, Hemp and Marijuana are related

Hemp and Marijuana are brothers of the species cannabis sativa. Marijuana has high psycho-active THC (tetrahydracannabinol). Whereas, hemp has high CBD which is therapeutic NOT psycho-active.

(I’m not going to dive into the psycho-active effects that Marijuana produces because unless you live under a rock, you know.)   

CBD Will not get you high.

IF you are using CBD products that are high CBD not THC, and are extracted from hemp ONLY. There are products (not legal for purchase in the state of New York) that contain both CBD and THC. I am only addressing products in this post that are high CBD, not THC. Don't freak out.

it’s not addictive.

Because CBD modulates and regulates the ECS it doesn’t bind to receptors like a drug, so it can’t cause addiction.  

yes, CBD extracted from hemp is Legal.

Because hemp is legal in all 50 states.

The Verdict

I first started using CBD oil (see below for my recommendation) as a way to help manage my anxiety. A high or variable heart rate is indicative of stress. Since I've boarded the CBD train, my heart rate has been routinely around my normal resting heart rate (I track my heart rate). Not to mention, I’m not an absolute basket case about things that used to send me over the edge. Read more about natural anxiety remedies and tips here. Not only has it helped me manage my anxiety, but CBD has helped tackle the inflammation (from battling food sensitivities, etc.) that I deal with as well.  My inflammation presents itself in a variety of ways, my least favorite being puffiness in my face. CBD has drastically (thank god) helped to ward off facial inflammation. I no longer feel the need to take my roommate's grey goose nips out of the freezer to ice my eyes. Which I (and probably her as well) are jazzed about. After seeing my results from taking CBD oil for two weeks, I will tell anyone who listens (and who won’t) about this magical oil.  Since then my CBD arsenal has expanded to include a lotion, a pen, and chocolate! (all linked below)

Wow that sounds great, but are there any side effects?

From what I’ve gathered, the only documented side effects are drowsiness, low blood pressure and dry mouth if you take A LOT. So like, no - not really.

Is this for you?  

Do you suffer from autoimmune disease, pain, inflammation, anxiety/depression, psychoactive disorder, or stress? This is a natural NON addictive way to ease your symptoms. This is optimization at it’s finest people!!

Where to get your hands on it

You want to get CBD oil from a trusted brand that extracts their CBD oil from a clean source of hemp. I recommend CW hemp. CW Hemp offer oils in 3 different strengths, in order of increasing strength: everyday, everyday plus, and everyday advanced. They offer capsules as well if you would prefer that method. CAP Beauty also has a great adaptogenic blend aptly named The Daily Hit that contains both CBD and Reishi. Two natural adaptogens that play nice together! I like the CBD vaporizer pen in "Be Clear" made by CBD Luxe because it is made with 3 natural ingredients: MCT coconut oil, CBD, and essential oils. The lotion that I use to ward off pain is by Lord Jones. And my favorite CBD chocolate is made by Not Pot

Do you use CBD? In what form? How has CBD helped to support your physiology? Let me know !