Optimization | 7 easy ways to "hack" your physiology


When I first heard the word biohacking, I was super put off. The tone of the word just sounds very Ironman or Limitless…. But in truth, biohacking isn’t about the extremes. It's about  small manageable changes and/or additions in your diet or routine in an effort to hack your body's physiology. I guess I started “biohacking” before I knew that that was what I was doing. Growing up, each morning with breakfast, my mom would lay out vitamins in shot glasses (cuz we cla$$y) for my sister and I to take. And I’m not talking Flintstone vitamins (although we did have those in our younger years), but like 10 pills of chlorella, sublingual vitamin B12, probiotic, and whatever supplements mom wanted to throw into the vitamin cocktail. Not to fix anything per se, but to help support and optimize the health of her two growing girls (probably why we’re so damn tall....).

Do you take a probiotic everyday? GREAT, you’re biohacking. Do you foam roll after you exercise? You too, you’re a biohacker.

What I’m trying to say is optimizing your physiology doesn’t have to be taking a pill to unlock the cognitive potential of your whole brain. It’s the consistent little changes that amount to whole body optimization. Which yea, can sometimes make you feel a bit superhuman.

That’s the fuckin’ point. 

That can be anything from throwing butter in your coffee bulletproof style to make your body a fat burning machine to meditating at the same time each day to improve cognition. Often times biohacks involve taking macro-doses of micro-nutrients to optimize a certain part of your biology- like taking vitamin B12 to boost your energy. BUT it can also involve grabbing drinks with friends. The dopamine release you get from laughing with friends? Can’t bottle that shit.

The common denominator is working towards self improvement.

decoding your body's feedback

Your body is a FIERCE machine. Think about it. It never misses a heartbeat or a breath. After a night on the town (with maybe one too many vodka sodas...) it can detoxify your system and bring you back to baseline. I mean… not immediately, and maybe with the help of a green juice....but it does!

The point is, our bodies are very intelligent systems that communicate with us everyday whether we understand that to be the case or not. Learning to understand your body’s feedback (and not throw band aids on underlying issues) can take a little practice. But once you speak the same language, you can better understand what to change and/or add to your routine in order to help you feel your best.

7 Easy ways to optimize 

  1. Take a high quality L-Glutamine supplement daily in order to help with sugar cravings.

  2. Drink coffee with or after a meal that includes fats and protein to prevent adrenal fatigue jitters and crash.

  3. Spray rose water on your face after cleansing as a clarifying toner/aroma-therapeutic cue that it’s time to unwind.

  4. Ice your eyes and your face for an instant face lift and to decrease facial inflammation

  5. Drink green juice (with no fruit) for a macrodose of chlorophyll, vitamins, and minerals, to make your skin glow.  

  6. Take an epsom salt bath to ease sore muscles

  7. Go to an infrared sauna to sweat out stagnant toxins and zap away blemishes.

I’ll be posting tips like this on the reg -so be sure to check back to see the latest.

Are there any hacks you swear by? Spill below!