Is this the detox you've been missing?

“Get high naturally”

Cryotherapy, float tanks, LED masks, jade rollers- there is no shortage of the newest therapies and gadgets, promising the skin of your dreams. Or at least peace of mind and a more even skin tone. Lauren Berlingeri is one of the founders of the boutique infrared sauna studio Higherdose touting the company’s tag line “Get high naturally” (Yep, You’ve got my attention). After hearing Lauren speak to the glowing clear skin and detox infrared had given her at a Well + Good talk that I had attended, my interest piqued.  I dove into an infrared sauna research rabbit hole, courtesy of the world wide web.

Weight loss? Reduce inflammation? Release stored toxins? Amazing Skin?

All just from sitting in a sauna? I'm Sold.



Okay, but what is infrared sauna?


Infrared light is a range of electromagnetic waves with a longer frequency than visible light. Translation: Infrared rays are invisible to the human eye, but can be felt as heat. Full spectrum Infrared saunas are comprised of far, mid, and near infrared rays that differ by how much they are able to penetrate human tissue. From most penetrative to least, respectively. Each type of ray provides different benefits.

| Far rays | 

Penetrate to the core, aid in detoxification at the cellular level, triggers our cells to release stored toxins and heavy metals.

| Mid rays | 

Raise our core body temperature to get our blood pumpin’ . The hyperthermia effect causes our blood vessels to dilate, which SIGNIFICANTLY increases circulation. This effect mimics exercise so we can actually burn madddd calories (up to 600 cals an hour)! By sitting. Run, don’t walk.

| Near Rays |

Make our skin glow and fortify our immune systems. With increased circulation, near rays stimulate collagen production and decrease pain and inflammation (buh-bye puffiness and sore muscles).

Other notable benefits?

  • Stokes your metabolism

  • lowers cortisol- stress relief

  • relieves muscle aches and pains  


I visited Cryofuel to see for myself what infrared sauna was all about.  For my first time, I booked 25 minutes in the sauna (instead of 55 mins) to test the waters. The staff at cryofuel was welcoming and answered all of my questions pre-sauna. I was brought to a room that had the infrared sauna (wooden box with infrared panels and a glass door) and a shower to rinse off post sauna session. There was a remote controlled overhead LED light with different color options to indulge in chromatherapy during my session. I hooked my spotify playlist up to the bluetooth speaker (nice touch), stepped into the sauna, and awaited my detox. 


I didn’t have to wait long- within minutes I was sweating.... a lot. During my time I checked a couple emails, took a couple snaps (you do it too), but then put my phone down to relax. Saying I have a hard time staying still is the understatement of the century, so it was nice to have a reason to take a moment to just sit and let the sauna work it’s magic. After 25 minutes I hopped out of the sauna, rinsed off, and bid cryofuel adieu.  

Immediate effects: I felt significantly relaxed and with an elevated mood. I had a lot of tension in my neck which seemed to have alleviated as well. When I got home I noticed significant glow probably from the increased blood flow, and the inflammation in my face decreased substantially (are those… cheekbones?). 

The next day I felt more energized and my skin tone was more uniform (even one of my co-workers made a comment about my skin). I noticed that I lacked soreness that usually comes the day after a vigorous monday workout where I repent for my weekend sins. The effects seemed too elevated to be a strong play by the placebo effect.


A few weeks later I decided to try the 55 minute session to see if the proof was in the pudding. After my 55 minute session my skin adopted the same glow that I had experienced previously! I experienced the same mood lifting, stress crushing effects as last time. Not to mention- a blemish I had fully healed two days later! 


At $45 for 25 mins and $65 for 55 mins it’s not a bad price tag to pay for glowing skin and a full detox. Do I think you'd be missing out if you don't implement regular infrared sauna visits into your routine? Perhaps. Only because infrared rays detox our bodies from the inside out due penetrating thermal rays. However, I do think that if you have a regular self care routine, a dry brush, and make regular visits to a steam room/sauna, you can achieve similar inflammation fighting results. That being said, I include infrared sauna once a month into my routine for a full detox and fresh glow. Additional visits if I'm feeling pain/inflammation or need an immune boost. 

Have you all tried infrared sauna? Are their any notable benefits that you have experienced? Let me know in the comments below! 




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